Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RG by the week: 10/11 weeks

Dec 20- Jan 1
{you can see I'm a bit behind :-P}
10 weeks! 
11 weeks
Her New Years Eve outfit! Compliments to my moms sister, Aunt Donna P.


She has started pulling her chest up (not just her head/neck) when she's leaning back sitting up and when she's on her tummy.  She's talking a lot! We got a great video of her fussing at Karl ha She is loooving her fists, hands and fingers and will suck and chew on anything she can get in her mouth. (including her rattle from lala)She's blowing lots of bubbles and drooling. Lala helped her hold on to the rattle and she's working on shaking it/ holding it on her own. Lala put her fingers around it and squeezed her hand and shook the rattle then let go and she would do it a little on her own. She's putting herself to sleep great! She rarely cries for long (if any) when she's falling asleep. And she will almost always will fall asleep without much assistance. She loooves having her hands beside her face or covering her face when she is falling asleep- she "hugs" the passy zebra.She's loves holding on to things- hair, clothes, blankets, the passy zebra legs (they are the perfect size for her little hands), and even the boob when nursing.

She's eating great still about every 2-3 hrs on avg. She will drain a 4oz bottle like nothing when we give her formula. I'm still not pumping like I should... Shame on me! It's such a hastle for me!! Ugh!Sleep:7+ hrs. Christmas eve only 4 but things were different- we were at sonjas. Then Christmas night she slept 11 hrs- and then I finally woke her to eat bc I was in pain ha! Her naps are hit and miss but usually only last around 30-45 mins if I'm lucky. Again- she is putting herself to sleep if I put her in her bouncer, snuggled in with her passy and her sheep/glow worm- with a blanket tucking her in. Bed time is generally around 11pm-12am and she's out for the night.Behavior:Such a fun smiley happy talkative girl! She's such a GREAT BABY! I know I keep saying that but it's so true! She only gets fussy when we are out and about and mommy doesn't pay attention to feeding cues/times and her naps get skipped/shortened.She's more fussy in the evenings- I'm wondering if it's bc she is more tired...?Loves:Waking up and stretching. She's always in the best mood. Bath time. Sleeping. Hanging out with mom and dad. Tv- which I'm not thrilled about- but if it's on she can't take her eyes off it. She's content and mesmerized watching it. She will even get fussy if you block her view! She loves watching football with daddy! Sucking her hands and fist.When people talk to her and smile at her- she always smiles back. Riding in the car (but hates stop lights and getting buckled in her carseat).Grabbing things.Cuddling.Clothes:I totally thought she was outgrowing newborn diapers so I pulled out a size one... And man are those huge! I thought what the heck and put it on her anyways. Well let's just say it came up to her chest and when she wet it it totally leaked! So we r sticking with newborns a litle longer and just not velcroing it as tight. She has worn a few 0-3 clothes but they are still a little large.Some of her newborn clothes are getting a little snug (some skin tight ha) so it'd just a matter of time :( although, I am excited about some adorable new outfits she got from Xmas from lala. Her newborn pants are more like capris now ha! Target brand seems to run smaller than carters and others. Favorite Moments:Christmas and all the other 1st's! (there were LOTS these 2 weeks!)Most Challenging:It's been a good week! We are tackling her head and ears issue and she's doing great. She has had a stuffy nose for a week or so but it's not slowing her down or seeming to bother her one bit. Looking Forward To:Our trip to Disney!

Mommy moments:


Her First CHRISTMAS!! :) 
Met great, great aunt Pauline
First time at church for the Christmas Eve, candle light service :) (my fav. christmas tradition)
Her first trip to Grannie Fox's house (Christmas eve)
Met Yoda (my first born furbaby)! on Christmas Day- Yoda was wearing his Santa hat ha!
Met Dalley Family
First time in a funeral home (My aunt Joan's daddy died)
Celebrated Daddy's bday for the first time (at Monterey of course).  
Had her first rash (28th)... on her face, arms, and legs... not sure what it was from but we bathed her and it slowly went away... (maybe new detergent?)
First trip to the coffee shop and met Aunt Donna's ROC friends 
First Baylor bowl game and we WON! :) 67-56
First New Year's Eve/ New Year's! (Her first kiss was from Daddy, second from me :) )
First Roadtrip: to SC, GA and FL!


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