Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RG by the Week: 13 Weeks!


When I weighed her on my home scale it was right at 11 lbs!

Lots this week! 
Monday she watched me eat chocolate chip cookies for a good minute or two- her mouth was barely moving but it was. She did not move her eyes off of me for one second! Wednesday  she was definitely intentionally kicking things on her play mat and I got it on video. She also started rolling to her side (she does this in the same video!)  On Friday she started grabbing things and hitting things with her hands on her play mat.  She at one point had a hold on one of the toys and managed to get it in her mouth.  If she can keep her teether in her hand she enjoys chewing on it. 
She is chewing (not sucking, CHEWING) on everything like crazy! We think she is preparing to start teething because she is also drooling like crazy.  
This is a HUGE one to me... we (my mom and I) were blowing bubbles with our mouths talking to RG and she COPIED us... doing it herself!! :) So cute!!
She is going straight for her thumb when the passy comes out now.

Every 2 hours during the day for about 10 minutes (sometimes she's starting to eat a little closer to 15 minutes).  During the night she has been eating about every 4 hours. She will still take formula from a bottle when we need her too but we aren't (and haven't ever) given it to her to "supplement" her normal feedings.  It just replaces a feeding.  

"Flying" with Daddy!

Rar. This week has not been a good one for sleep.  She has been fighting a cold that started a week or so ago and it has really challenged her old sleeping habits.  This week she was only sleeping for 4 or 5 hours straight and then would wake up every hour and a half to two hours.  I'm ready to be past this week ha!  Her naps are hit or miss (she goes down after she has been up for about an hour) - she will sleep from 30 minutes to an hour or two but generally closer to 30 minutes.  She is still great at putting herself to sleep when she's snuggled up in her bouncy seat with her lamb playing the ocean sound and she has her passy in her mouth.  

Napping with Gma Lala 

She was a little more fussy when she was sick and not feeling well but shes getting back to her happy ol' self now.  She will just smile when you talk to her or she will talk back.  She "giggles" some now- more like a long coo-- but still no true "laugh" in my opinion.  

Her little snow baby suit :)

Showers, "Flying" with her daddy--aka--being held up over our head- out in front of us (she likes "planking" ha), sleeping in her bouncer, sitting up (oh my word- she hates laying down or being cradled now!), holding her own neck up, pull herself up (her head and shoulders), chewing on anything and everything esp her fists, blowing bubbles with her mouth, hanging out with Gma Lala and having her read books! , standing up, sucking her thumb, grabbing onto your hands (really us grabbing hers) and she PULLS up and can even stand up now with not much effort :)... and when going to sleep she loves her wabanub passy :)

Her first book read to her from Gma Lala- Goodnight Moon

The "crinkle" book- she was hitting it with her hand and making faces in reaction to the noise

chewing on the teether

Looks like we have a little PERSON on our hands! I can't believe how big she is getting! Standing on her own now!

She has officially outgrown some of her newborn clothes with the feet in them (sigh)... 

yet most 0-3 month clothes still swallow her.  

just love this lil girl... she's getting too big though! :( 
Most Challenging: 
This poor cold of hers... stuffy/runny nose, slight coughing and worst of all her poor left goopie eye oozing :( Not fun at all... this also led to less sleep for mommy and baby... She does take her meds like a PRO and she also doesn't even fuss or cry when I shoot her nose drops in her nose and use the bulb on her nose. She is such a tough cookie :)

yummy "candy" as mom calls it... her amoxicillin... I know, I'm a horrible mom for calling her meds "candy"ha

Looking Forward to:
Getting back to our 7-9 hours of sleep and hearing that first REAL laugh :) 

"trying" to go to sleep

Mommy Moments:
Friday I noticed that my hair started falling out in clumps.  I knew this was coming just didn't know when... hopefully it doesn't last to long :-/
My mom was here a few days this week, wish it could have been longer; RG and I sure enjoyed having her here!

First real cold-- Monday Dr. M called in amoxicillin and another medicine (first took meds on Tuesday, antibiotic on Wednesday) for her cold and another med to help her get better and avoid an upper respiratory infection hopefully. They told me to continue the cold mist humidifier, saline solution spray for her nose and the bulb syringe.
Mimicking our actions (besides a smile)- blowing bubbles!
Kicking and grabbing her toys (on the play mat) intentionally!
Hitting her crinkle noise book with her hand and realizing she was the one doing it- then repeating action!
Rolling from her back to her side!
Grandma Lala reading her a book (Goodnight Moon, then Thumper and then a crinkle book!)

rolling on her side

Reading the Thumper book
chewing on the passy

shower time :)

playing video games with Daddy....
or helping Daddy play video games :)

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  1. You'll enjoy this detail so much in years to come! I wish I had been writing a lot more. We love her pink bunting, and that she takes showers! Keep up the good work RG!


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