Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RG by the week: 12 weeks!

Jan 2-8, 2011
12 weeks!

Still growing... sorry I haven't measured or weighed her since her 2 month apt. 

Grandpa and "Belle" aka "Beauty and the Beast"

Daddy and "Belle"

All the "princesses" dressed up and ready for breakfast in the castle with Cinderella
Bearing weight on her legs without support. Able to push her legs up straight from a squatting position. Totally holding head/neck up 99% of time with good control. Enjoys sitting up much better than a cradled position.
When she is laying down if you grab her hands she can pull herself up to sit up with minimal effort. She can do this to stand but with greater effort.
She doesn't seem to be happily talking as much as before but she is definitely fussing at us when she needs our attention.

such a good sport on our 12+ hour drive

Sleep as been pretty good considering we weren't home at all this week and we were in super cramped quarters. Starting Tuesday you could tell she really wasn't feeling well because she was much fussier at times. Her naps were shorter in the morning - where she would usually nap 2-3 hrs in the am she would only sleep 45 mins- an hour.

taking a little nap on the bus ride to Magic Kingdom

She took more bottles than normal because we were constantly on the go. This did make her have one quite "chunky" dirty diaper that K was lucky enough to get stuck changing by himself in the Cracker Barrel bathroom on our trip home. She is still a great eater no matter what the circumstance.

family photo opp on the bus

showing off her dress :)


This week was a mix of newborn and 0-3 because we had more warm clothes in 0-3 than newborn, however some 0-3 are perfect and others are just still too large. Still in newborn diapers

on a walk to Downtown Disney

New years day!(we drove all day), family reunion, trip to Disney (Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Downtown Disney), ride: Carousel of Progress (at Magic Kingdom-she slept the entire time), first time meeting all the Disney Princesses, bus ride (from our resort- the tree houses in Saratoga Springs- to Magic Kingdom, meeting great Gma Issinghoff, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Bret, Maren, & Eli, Keith, Wendy and John, first long road trip (approx 12 hrs), first time in GA and Florida, first time meeting Rob, Amy and Olivia, first doggie kiss from Alexia, stay in a resort and a hotel (the Hilton), first cold, trip to Cracker Barrel, got her first North Face Denali jacket, trip to the outlets, train ride (in Magic Kingdom from Frontier Land to main gate),

1st train ride
lunch with Amy and Olivia

meeting amy & rob

Enjoyed a mango margarita the last night at Disney and it was wonderful! My in laws watched rg and I didn't have a worry in the world! After the long week k and I stayed in a hotel with RG- after unloading the car k brought me an ice cold corona and he had a Stella while RG rested so beautifully. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the quiet and put our feet up for a little while after a hectic week!
(sorry these both include drinking ha ha it was just that kind of trip lol)

All 3 of us being sick! If it's not one of us it another :(
The long trip, the drive (even though rg did awesome!), a week away from home with an infant!

She was awesome and such a trooper through the whole trip!! Again, 99% of the time she was so happy and content people watching at the parks haha! Tuesday she had a screaming/crying "fit" at our house where NOTHING would make her happy including nursing (this has never not satisfied her! :( ) so we bundled her (it was in the 50's) and took her on a walk from the tree houses we stayed in to Saratoga springs. She immediately quit crying.  After about an hour she finally fell asleep but scowled the whole time she was both awake and asleep. Luckily, she woke up happier :)

the scowl


  1. ahh! look at her cute little squishy face! I'm so happy for you! and you look amazing :)

  2. oh my goodness..could she get any cuter!!! She looks like such a happy baby..prolly because she has some pretty awesome parents!! loving all of the pictures..I hope y'all had such a good time in FL! oh and PS..LOVE LOVE LOVE your new layout..if you didn't already know..I'm chevron obsessed :) xo


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