Friday, May 18, 2012

Best Friday Ever!!

I can not even begin to express how great today was... To be back in the great state of TEXAS...and to be able to attend field day at the school where I taught last year...

My kids that were seven and eight last year are now eight and nine now- they knew and loved Raleigh Grace before she was even born and today they got to MEET her for the first time!!!

My second grade team who was more like family also got to meet her and we had SOO much fun hanging out!

More on this when I get back next week, until then I hope y'all have an awesome weekend!!

Oh and here is what Raleigh Grace thought about second grade!! ;)


  1. SO happy for you! :-) I know that y'all are having a great time and hopefully enjoying some good tex-mex!!!!!

  2. I loved loved loved my time with you two today! So happy to meet sweet Raleigh Grace and to see you!!! I had so much fun! Love you!

  3. Lol, so love that picture!! You MIL came by and said hey the other...can't believe it's such a small world.


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