Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's OFFICIAL!! :)

After months and months of debating... my hubby finally gave me the final "push" to jump on board!  
All of you mom's out there know that we can all use some "me" time (and a little extra cash) every once in a blue moon so what better way to do that than have parties with my friends!?!

I am so happy that I {finally} made the decision to sell Scentsy!! :) 

If you or anyone you know needs any of the awesome products I would be more than happy to help!! Don't know what "Scentsy" is!? Check out my site and of course feel free to ask me any questions!!

Wanna hear my story? Check it out here!! 

....oh and to my lovely blog readers... stay tuned... I might just be hosting a giveaway of some sort soon ;) ... just sayin :-D

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