Thursday, May 3, 2012

SIMPLE Broken Make-up Fix!

oh . my . word . 

I HATE it when my make-up breaks!!

Ever had something like this happen to your favorite MAC blush? How about your Benefit powder? How about your Too Faced eye-shadow? or even just some cheap makeup?  Yup... all of those have happened to me and I have thrown so many hundreds of dollars in the trash because of it... well, never again!

I'll be honest with yall here- this is not something I magically came up with- in fact, I read it on someone's blog (if it was you please let me know so I can give you credit) and was a little skeptical... not gonna lie. 
I figured since BOTH my powder and my two favorite eye shadows broke (within a week of each other!) it would at least be worth a try... if it didn't work then to the trash they would go (like I previously did) ... and back to Ulta I would go to spend another $20 dollars or so on each one. ugh!  

Are you ready for this? 

All you need is: LOVE (sorry for the song lyrics, I couldn't resist!)
-rubbing alcohol
-broken makeup
-your fingers

Sounds fun right!? 

Here is how yah do it:

Step one: push all of the broken pieces together
Step two: Add a FEW drops of alcohol to broken makeup (enough to make texture similar to a paste- add more alcohol if necessary- if you get too much it will dry out eventually so you can't really mess it up)
Step three: with your fingers mush it into "paste"-press firm so that it will stick together (you can use wax paper or something similar if you don't want to get makeup all over your fingers)

Leave makeup open to dry overnight (or longer if needed)
finally: use like normal! 

I seriously thought my makeup was going to reek of rubbing alcohol but to my surprise the next morning there was NOT a trace of alcohol smell in my compact!  I even asked hubby what my makeup smelled like (he had no idea why I was asking and thought I was a little weird-which I am I guess) but he had no idea... makeup ? haha! I love my man!

Try it out... I am sooo sooo happy that I just saved a TON of $$$$!!! :)
feel free to let me know if you have any questions! Have you tried this before?


  1. Wow what a great trick!! I use loose powder these days, but I'll definitely have to remember this in the future. Did it work just as well on your eye shadow?

  2. This is SO NEAT! I will have to try this next time!!! How did you make the collages?!?!


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