Saturday, May 26, 2012

RG by the Week: 31 Weeks!

May 15-21

we weighed her at the beginning of this week and she was still a few ounces short of 15lbs :)

Milestones/Firsts: (LOTS this week!)
First time flying on a plane (to TX)
First time going to Texas
First time in a swing
First time meeting all of her Texas friends (and her boyfriend, Ashton ;) )
First time staying in the Nursery at church
For the first time she cried when I went out of the room (see behavior)
first time on a plane
first time on a swing- loved it!
happy about being in Texas :)
first time in the Nursery
RG and my future son-in-law!
She is so outgoing and loves making friends with new people.  On our flight to Texas she would squeal at the people if they quit paying attention to her :) She loved taking in all of the sights and people watching! This is the first week I have noticed that she will start fussing or crying when I leave the room (she first did this at Kelly's house in TX when she was going to watch her while I showered).  RG was so good on our trip with minimal sleep and didn't mind everyone holding her :)
She still wants nothing to do with crawling (or being on her belly for that matter) she can "sort-of" scoot on her bottom and has become a pro at reaching and bending while she is sitting down to get what she wants.
just hanging out with GGdaddy... she literally laid like this for about 10 minutes

Still nursing every 3-4 hours, except at night... eating 2 meals a day (lunch and evening)... she will eat about 4-6 ounces per feeding.  She has a great appetite :)
She still loves her puffs and the yogurt bites.

Pretty good for the most part... until we went to Texas.  She and I slept in the same bed in TX and I kept her up really late with minimal naps... she was a trooper and was always on her best behavior for the most part but I think it has messed up her sleep schedule some.
passed out the first night in TX
3 month  clothes "fit" the best but she her 3 month sleepers are too small (her legs are too long) we have a couple 3-6 month sleepers that she can wear, she is also wearing her six month clothes too- surely she will get to wear them for awhile which makes me happy because she has some really cute clothes!! :)

Favorite Moments:
Flying to TEXAS!!! We had such a GREAT trip hanging out with our awesome friends: Kelly, Mackie, Jayden, Devon, Dillon, Melanie, Ashton, Lori, Caleb, Sarah, Andy, Jana, Jana, Kendall, Jon, Chelsea Randi Kay and Leslie and more!

Most Challenging:
I was sooo nervous about the flight but really, she did AWESOME!  I guess you could say sleeping in TX was a bit challenging- she and I shared a bed and she wasn't used to that but made it work.  She started waking up a bunch during the night (prob due to me waking her up) but really it wasnt that bad :)

Looking Forward to:
My sister coming next weekend... this will be her first time to see Raleigh Grace since she as BORN!!

Mommy Moments:
Feeling like a MAJOR SUPER mom spending 4 days ON MY OWN with a BABY!! Shout out to ALL you single moms out there-- I do not know how you do it everyday, major props to you!! Yall really are super mom's!! :)
It was soooo awesome to spend time with some of my favorite ladies! :) :) :)

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  1. Fun!! I always love taking my baby to visit people and showing her off :)


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