Saturday, May 5, 2012

YAY, 101!!

YAY!! As of Thursday I had hit 100 readers and I was so excited... and now its 101! :) 
If you are new here (as I know some of you are) please say hello! I seriously love making new friends!

I know this might not be a big deal for some people but to me it is.  This here little blog just started out as a journal into my engaged life- and a way to keep my family posted as we were so far away from many of them.  This blog has turned into so much more than that (obviously) as now not only am I a wife but also a MOM! 

I wanted to say a very heart felt, Thank You, to every one of my friends here- thank you for listening to my rants, thank you for the advice, and thank you for being my friend!!  I am so blessed by the wonderful women that I have met through blogging! :) 
<3 Allie :) 

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