Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to my AMAZING Mother!

Today is a SPECIAL day for a VERY SPECIAL person in my life... I would like to wish a VERY Happy BIRTHday to the amazing woman who taught me what it was to love and to forgive, what it was to be strong and independent, and who taught me that without dependance on God none of the above is possible. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most wonderful mom in the world! I love you, MOM!
(my mom and I at my wedding almost 2 years ago!) 

Oh... and someone else wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... :) 
{ <3 Raleigh Grace }

Mom, This is ALL for you! WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!! :) 

as you can tell... we had a ton of fun... and I hope you did to mom! :) 


  1. Hi, Allie from Charlotte! I'm Sherry from Charlotte! What a little cutie you have there! Babies are such blessings. I have two little men (5 and 1) and enjoy every minute! Hope you had a great Friday...yes, I am on here very late, but I just can't stop looking through the list on Kelly's Korner for fellow NC bloggers! I didn't know there were so many since I know very few bloggers in my area personally. :-)

  2. Hi! Stopping in from Kelly's Korner saying hello to fellow North Carolinians! Our daughter has a double first name too, Beatrice Kate! I love Raleigh Grace. Raleigh was one of our top name choices too, but since we lived in Raleigh when she was born... well, you see why. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the pictures of little miss with her sign for grandma. I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday! She sounds like one special lady.


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