Thursday, May 17, 2012

RG by the Week: 30 {THIRTY} weeks!!

So this picture is on target for this week but I do realize she is not turning 6 months old today... see the rest of the story here.  
May 8-14

? Ill be sure and check soon, I promise!

First time getting family pictures taken... they are beautiful and I can not wait to share!!
Found out her first food allergy- oops! After our family photo shoot we went to Brixx pizza for dinner and they had some garlic bread ... we gave RG a piece of it and soon around her mouth was broken out with a rash.  Apparently after some research, garlic reactions are very mild so we just washed her face and it went away.  She never changed from her happy demeanor.
Attended her first College graduation and was on a college campus for the first time
Took "bluebonnet" pictures
Met her cousin Jenna and Jenna's parents
Went on her first picnic
Celebrated Mother's Day
Played with her cousin Drew for the first time-- most adorable thing ever
Drove with daddy in the park :)

She loves reaching for things, especially with her mouth wide open- its so cute! She also has discovered playing with tongue and its so cute! She is such a happy girl and doesn't mind being passed around from one person to another.
She loooves babies and kids and animals. She will coo, giggle and squeal at them.
She still loves holding her hands together and patting at things.  She rubs her feet and circles them like crazy.  She squeels and is generally so happy! 

Some days eating more and some days less... still twice a day (baby food) and nursing ever four-ish hours. (she eats one of these sized containers or 1/2 of one of them twice a day) She seems to be not quite as interested in the food as she used to be but she is still obsessed with puffs and table food.
she doesnt seem happy here but it wasnt the food, it was past nap time (aunt carrie feeding her)

She is doing pretty good... and actually she is even putting herself to sleep pretty easily-- as long as I lay her down when she is 1/2 asleep she will roll over on her side, snuggle her bunny up by her face and fall asleep after I cover her with a blanket.  I'm loving that and the fact that she is usually only waking ONCE during the night to nurse, then falling back asleep. Of course this doesn't happen every night but it does most :) Keeping mamma happy!

She is branching out into more and more of her 6month clothes... most swallow her still but I'm loving that (hopefully) she will be able to wear them for awhile if we go ahead and start with them now.  She has sooo many cute little summer outfits! Size two diapers still :)

Favorite Moments:
watching her with her tongue... she will stick it out and make some really seriously cute faces! Taking her six month pictures on Thursday and going to my grandparents this weekend as well as RG's first graduation (K's friend graduated). 

Most Challenging: 
I can't really think of anything.  If we keep her up past her nap/bedtime (we dont really have a set time but you know when shes too tired) then she gets really fussy... who can blame her? I'm the same way... and when we are hungry we are fussy too ;)

Looking Forward to:
TEXAS TEXAS TEXAS!!! I can not even begin to describe how excited I am to be going to see my kids from my old school... the ones who loved Raleigh Grace before she was even born and showered her with SO many gifts!! They will finally get to meet her!! :) YAY!

Mommy Moments: 
I love that she is always saying "muuum" and "ma-ma-ma-ma!" it seriously warms my heart even though I know it has nothing to do with me. ha!  Those are really the only sounds she is making besides her humming and high pitch squeeling which I also still LOVE.


  1. She is so stinking adorable!! You are so blessed! Love love love her little outfits, enjoy it my 3 year now wants to pick out her own. {I'm not ready to let that happen!}

  2. I think it's great that she loves babies and kids. Sounds like you have a social butterfly on your hands!


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