Thursday, May 17, 2012

Holy-Moley SEVEN Months!!

Baby girl, today you are seven months old!! You are the sweetest little princess and are always, always, making mommy and daddy (and anyone else around) smile, LAUGH and cry. We love you so much and when we say that we fall in love with you more and more everyday... We mean that!! I thank God that he has blessed us with YOU... perfectly part daddy and part mommy... you are super smart like your daddy and like to have fun like him.  You are independent but like to be entertained just like your mommy.  We have a little social butterfly on on our hands! You smile when anyone talks to you and you love to people watch- especially when it comes to kids and babies! You are so much fun!
I LOVE YOU so so sooo very much, probably more than you will ever know!!

You on the other hand... what do you think about your SEVEN month birthday!?
Well here, let me remind you ;)

1 comment:

  1. Happy 7 months! I love how serious she was at the beginning of the video and I also love when babies are trying to sit up the way they turn the corners of their mouth down...Chloe does it too and it cracks us up.


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