Sunday, May 6, 2012

Golf Tournament- in Memory of Daddy 2012

This past week Raleigh Grace and I attended a Golf Tournament that was in memory of my Daddy and benefits the local Community (Homeless) Shelter.  My dad was very involved in the shelter from a young age and when he died was the Director of the Board.  To celebrate him and all that he contributed to the Community Shelter they have named their largest fundraiser (the golf tournament) in memory of him.  He was also very involved with the golf tournament before his death and loved helping out with it in any way he could.  
Each year at the golf tournament they recognize our family and talk about how much Daddy meant to everyone and how he helped improve the shelter in so many ways.  It is an honor to be his daughter and I can't explain how much I appreciate the shelter doing this and celebrating his memory. What a legacy he has left! :)

 This is one of my dad's best friends who came to the tournament and played in his memory!

I love these two together! 

honorary gma :) 

 my brother got to do the drawing for the 1,200 dollar bracelet and gas grill they were giving away. Unfortunately, I did not win :(

RG loved playing with my brothers (originally my grandaddy's) dog tags

Some of Daddy's Best Friends played as "Largo Radio" 


  1. How cool is that that your dad has a golf tournament every year in his memory?! Looks like a wonderful day, and great weather.

  2. That is so awesome!!! :-) Would it surprise you if I said we had that same pink bib? ;-) haha


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