Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Graduation and Picnic in the Mountains!

This weekend while we were in the mountains visiting my grandparents, Raleigh Grace, K and I went to one of K's friends college graduation.  Afterwards we went out to a BEAUTIFUL park off the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoyed a nice picnic! The high was 68 degrees! We sure did enjoy the cooler weather for a day or two.
I think someone was excited about her first graduation! 
there really were other people there... we just sat away in case someone didn't behave.  She did great though and made it through nearly the whole graduation!! It was so cute--when people would start cheering or clapping, RG would squeal and scream! She knew how it was done!

laying over the seat playing

we left just a little before it was over to avoid the traffic, and daddy stayed and snapped a few more pictures

then we took a little walk around the pretty campus
The flowers everywhere were in full bloom and were beautiful!

and found my matching flowers :) 

In Texas, everyone takes pictures (of their kids) sitting in fields of Bluebonnets (the state's flower) and I was so sad that this year I missed doing this with Raleigh Grace! We did however, find this beautiful "field" of flowers... this will have to work for this year :) 

here we are at the picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway :)

RG, K and his buddy that just graduated!

 guess who was the life of this party too!? Everyone just loved her and passed her around and she was happy as a lark! 


  1. Hahaha, all the pictures of her at the graduation are cracking me up! Such a beauty with all the flowers too.


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