Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up TEXAS edition via Instagram :)

This weekend was so much fun for RG and I... though we missed K sooo much!! I thought I would show you some of our fun from this past {long} weekend to TEXAS!! This was the first time back for me since we moved and Raleigh Grace's first time to TX ever! 

It was a weekend of lots of Firsts

1st time on a plane
1st time in the nursery at church
1st time on a swing
1st time meeting all of my TX friends and students from last year

(hopefully a more detailed post coming soon!)

This weekend pics via Instagram :) Do you follow me: alliemacfallie ? If not you should!!
Here we go... First plane ride for @theraleighgrace !! Already missing daddy
on the plane and ready to go... Already squealing with joy!! :-P 
I think it's safe to say @TheRaleighGrace loves #texas !!! :)

They call it love at first sight!  
First time in a swing!! :) 
I LOVE #TEXAS SUNSETS!! Especially with a great friend

Ahhh here we go!! First time in the nursery!! :)

Enjoying our last afternoon in Texas with a nice walk 

Can't wait to see daddy!!


  1. looks like a great trip of firsts!

  2. She looks happy and content on the plane ride! Glad you had a great time and RG got to experience so many firsts.


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