Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Raleigh Grace's 6 Month Pictures!

Better late than never ... should become my motto! 
Here I am a day away from my baby girls 7 month birthday and I am just now posting her 6 month pictures!! Can I also make another quick confession-- I took these pictures on Monday of THIS week (yikes...) when she turned 30 weeks old.  
Okay, moving on... check out this cutie... who one day soon is going to catch a fly! :)
her new favorite face (as you will continue to see below!) 
 Anytime Raleigh Grace gets excited or is excited & trying to grab something (aka my camera here) she puts her arms out to the side (they sometimes shake from excitement!) and opens her mouth wide open... It is soo funny to watch :)
playing with her sweet hands, often, she will clasp them and just hold them there even when she is being still.  In this picture she is about to "eat" them!

she seriously cracks me up everyday!! 

 I thought these with the bear were so sweet... She LOVES animals (pretend & real) and does this short laugh ("huh" with a giggle) when she sees and touches them! 

and she is excited again!

oh, and then we had a meltdown that lasted 5 minutes because she was laying down.  She prefers to sit upright...

just pitiful right!?

and those sweet little feet, always rubbing each other, or her legs... or moving of some sort!
 And then all of a sudden we are happy (mommy brought the bear over!)

"Look Mommy!! I am balancing" 

Happy 6 months to my SWEET, EASYGOING, ADORABLE, SOMEWHAT SPUNKY, PRECIOUS baby girl!! You are growing up too fast for your Mommy... I seriously can't believe how much more I fall in love with you everyday!! 


  1. Look at her long legs!! Chloe had a meltdown for her last month's pictures too. I almost posted a picture of her crying, then didn't. It's pitiful.


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