Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend Family Fun!

This past weekend was Mother's Day weekend and we went up to the mountains again to see my grandparents (RG's great gparents) and to go to one of K's friends college graduation!

We had a TON of fun as always :)

for the first time Cousin Drew and Raleigh Grace got to PLAY together... it was SOOO much fun watching them interact! Drew was crawling around everywhere and RG looked like she was taking it all in.  Drew on the other hand watched RG feed herself puffs and she even taught him how to feed himself a puff for the FIRST time! :) 

Great Grandpa even got down on the floor and played with them!! I think he had as much or more fun than them! :) 

From back to front: Great Gpas hand, Drews Hand, Raleigh Grace's hand! 

here is drew learning to feed himself puffs!

Great Gpa's hand and RG's foot

Raleigh Grace got to sit at the BIG people table for the first time... look at what she is "eyeing" ha!

Raleigh Grace also met her cousin Jenna and Jenna's parents :) 
(Jenna and her sister and another two of our cousins are expecting babies in September, November and July! Its about to be babies babies everywhere!!!)

playing with my cousins...

swinging with Daddy

hanging out with my Uncle and cousin

My First BAYLOR TUTU!!! :) 

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  1. How fun that there will be lots of kids around the same age in the family! I wish we had more kids. She and Drew are very cute playing together.


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