Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RG by the Week: 27 Weeks!

you all are used to the pictures by now right? I think there are only 32 this time. ha! I am going to quit apologizing... they are here to stay.  If a picture says a thousand words man am I WORDY! :) Here goes...

April 17- 23

this week I did a "Day in the Life: 6 month's Post"... be sure to check it out to see how much fun you are having these days :) 

the 17th was your 6 month birthday and also your dr. visit. (to see those stat's see your 6 month post)

getting to be quite the big girl!
when all else fails... I give you a spatula :) 
your Easter Basket from Granny Fox-- it had TONS of goodies in it-- as Raz Teether, Cotton Candy (YES!), reeses, peeps, eggs, and your own personal IPhone as well as a little beany baby and a taggy blanket which you just LOVE!! :) 
digging in!
yes, you have your own iphone... and now, I'm not the only one spoiling you ;) 
you and Taylor playing at Tyler's bday party... she just loooves you... 
.... and you just looove her! 
she has always been so good with you!
going on your 1st walk with Granny :) 
reaching for everything! 
out to eat mexican food-- or for you Green Beans- you were less than thrilled ;)
I sometimes wonder if you realize how crazy your mamma is.. (this picture was intentional ha!)
you love your Granny!
such a sweet cuddle picture!
you are such a hoot- or should I say your daddy is such a hoot- he plopped you up there and you were less than thrilled haha
your new taggy blanket that was in your easter basket from Granny Fox- you love it
thumb and tag in mouth- you have skills girlie!
you looove reaching for and (almost) grabbing the birds!
you also like to try and get out of your swing... don't worry we strap you in these days for this reason!
nothing better than cute LITTLE baby feet :) 
trying really hard to get out, I promise you really do love your swing... you are just always wanting to be on the go!
your first time in the buggy.... can you tell you were sooo happy!! You thought you really were something! :) (and you are!)
and after a little bit ... you decided it was a good spot to lounge ;) we got such a kick out of you... like we always do- you have the BEST personality and are literally so laid back...
(ps we dont like to "hang" Sophie... its just to keep her from falling on the floor ha)

you love when mommy lets you help with laundry... especially when you get to play with the wooden spoon! :) 

Your sleep pattern at night has been a little chaotic... makes for a tired mamma- you are back to getting up a few times during the night-- crazy how quickly I got used to that extra sleep.  Its still not terrible- I usually nurse you and you go right back to sleep. (you nap for 30min-1hour maybe 3 or 4 times a day-- more when you get short naps)

You still hate tummy time and have yet to roll from your back to your belly- yes you hate it that much!  That also means that you will not stay on your belly long enough to learn how to crawl... we might just be skipping that stage with you. 

Your POOR little head is driving you BONKERS... I'm not sure what it is - we think just dry skin (and doc agrees) but it is itching so bad- we can tell because you are always scratching it. I finally called the doc and he said to just put baby oil on it... hmm, hopefully that will help.

You love wiggling-- esp your feet! Its sooo cute- they are always moving, whether it be circling your ankles or tapping your heel on the counter when I feed you... you have got some rhythm! We need to get you involved in music soon! :) (you also rub your feet together  a lot!)

You love to open your mouth WIDE when you are smiling and you squish up your nose. You are such a doll with such a great personality!!

You love sitting up and do not want help but you still wobble around a little bit, although you are getting much better- you catch yourself with your hands now! 

sometimes when you are still you will clasp your hands together in front of your chest. it is ADORABLE! Aunt Donna said that you get that from her. 

4/22 you started splashing in the bath with your HANDs! It might be the cutest thing ever! (I realize I say that about most things ha!)

4/23 we went to meet daddy for lunch and gave you some puffs on the table and for the FIRST time you used your "pinchers" and picked up a puff and got it in your mouth.  

4/23 you tried Pears and loooved them!! (mommy made them for you!)

4/24 we let you actually pick up food from your tray and you got one tiny green bean from your fingers to your mouth! it was amazing... you tried so hard and it finally paid off! :) 

4/20-22 Granny Fox spent the weekend with us while Daddy was gone to a boy scout weekndend called Conclave.  We had a blast and you opened your Easter basket from her. We also went on our first walk with Granny Fox and enjoyed dinner together! 

4/21 you went to Heather's son, Tyler's, birthday party and were the life of the party!

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  1. Allie she is just growing up too fast!! For what its worth, we didn't do tummy time b/c I read its not really necessary and Ellie hated it!! Oh and I love the sippy cups you chose b/c they are easier on their jaw and don't have to suck like a mad baby to get anything out! Ellie still uses those kind! Although, they tend to be a little leaky, but I don't mind! You probably get sick of ALL my advise, but I can't help it b/c nobody told me anything!!!


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