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RG by the Week: 29 Weeks!

May 1-7

not sure since your 6 month appointment :-/ Can't believe you are almost SEVEN months old... !

First time playing with bubbles... did you love them? No.  Try to eat them? Yes! ha :) You really were less than amused but the second go-round I think you had a little more fun :)
We put you in your first swim suit... and boy were you cute!
We finally got you a SoftSpot mat to play on on the hardwood floors (you enjoy it!)
First Cinco de Mayo... we went over to Matt and Emily's place and you were a HUGE hit. Everyone loved you and wanted to hold you ;)
Fist time helping Mamma "coupon"-- you loved shredding the old ones and eating them too :)
When sitting in your crib you attempted to pull up on the sides for the first time. (we better watch out!) -- you still can not get to the sitting position from laying down (yet) so this isn't an immediate threat but we need to start thinking about dropping the mattress :(
You have started chewing on your fingers (on the sides not the front).
You are consistently getting better with your "pincher" skills- you are now effectively getting the puffs to your mouth on your own when we put a couple on your tray.  (not 100% effective but maybe 60%).  When we put one down you do pretty good but when we put several its like you get overwhelmed and go for them ALL at one time. Its hilarious to watch and you usually end up with some in your hand (or stuck to it), some in your seat, and some stuck to your bib.  If you are on the bed or a blanket or another surface that isn't slick you are VERY good at getting the puffs from the blanket to your mouth (prob 80% effective).
you and daddy on Cinco
you trying soo hard to pull up on your crib!
first time with bubbles!
ahh bubbles! 
You love People- you always smile when all of the "on-lookers" come and oooooo'h and aaaaa'h over you (which is anytime we go anywhere!).  People will be telling us how cute you are and you will just SMILE and grin and sometimes talk to them! I think you are going to be a talker like your mamma!
Sitting up and playing (esp when someone is playing with you).
Your puffs (so far Peach and Sweet Potato).
When we feed you food you are exploring... everything... you want to touch the food, feed yourself, put your hands in your mouth and "grab" the food, and if it spills on the tray you grab at it.  You are verrry interested in it!
You also want to touch and grab anything and everything around you (esp when you are in a high chair or bumbo and there are other things around on the counter or something....) you will do your best to grab Mommy and Daddy's food, drink, keys, phone, etc-- we must keep everything far away because you will basically sprawl out to get what you want!
You are LOVING bath time EVEN MORE than usual.  You can sit up in the tub wonderfully (and have started trying to pull up and STAND up... not safe!)- you looove to splash with your hands "hitting" the water.  We need to get you a bigger "tub" that you can't pull up on its sides.
You love being kissed under your chin- you giggle like CRAZY! and always have :)
You are beginning to like your jumperaoo more- still not "jumping" in it but you will play and turn around in it.
You loved Mat and Emily's dog-- you are such a lover of animals! (YAY!)
You play "patty-cake" (basically hitting your hands together) but you have no idea you are doing it.  You also love just "patting" anything near you, including you thighs when you are sitting down.
Everything you get your hands on goes straight to your mouth :)
your new Softspot mat (and you clasping your hands), you are such a lady!
Daddy got you a book about NC and you loved reading it with him
you and Daddy "playing" as he calls it ha! 
you are eating more baby food and less nursing (or less often)... Its weird because while it was very much tiring when you nursing every 2ish hours, I miss having our time together now.  You will still sometimes nurse that often (in the mornings/if you are sleepy) but usually you can go 3-5 hours without nursing.  You eat baby food twice a day: lunch-ish and dinner-ish.  You are eating around 4 ounces both times.  You tried prunes this week and loved them (who is surprised-- mommy LOVED prunes when she was little ha) and you pretty much love any food we give you.  You have a HUGE LOVE for puffs! You tried the sweet potatoes ones this week and loved them as well ha! You are a great eater and always have been... up until now you have been fairly "easy" to feed... this week you are really having fun making a MESS... hands in your mouth, grabbing the spoon, blowing bubbles with a mouth full...etc. You are always keeping me on my toes (in fact today when I was making your baby food- you knocked the bottom part of the blender on the floor with a spoon you were playing with and sweet potatoes splattered ALL over the rug! Good thing it was washable :) (oh, and I love making your food!! You still eat other baby food when its not convenient to keep it cold though- like when we go out for a full day or something.)
You also enjoy trying anything we are eating.
you gummed this poor pickle to death!
this is why feeding you is a mess and sometimes a challenge :)
you loved the prunes (they looked so gross to daddy and I though!)
For the most part you were going to bed between 9 and 10 and getting up once around 2 or 3am sleeping, and getting up again at 7 to nurse and then going back down but on Cinco de Mayo we were out at a friends house and you went to bed lattte (around 11)!  We woke you up when we left (around 12:30) and you went right back to bed at home but I think that threw your sleep off a bit. The next few nights we had a TIME getting you to sleep!! You threw a FIT and would not go to sleep-- the first night you did this we tried our hardest to get you to sleep (passy fetching, rubbing your head, singing, your sea horse, etc) but after an hour or so of screaming and crying we got you up and let you play for another hour then put you to sleep- worked like a charm. AND you SLEPT through the night!! :) The second night that you didn't want to sleep we did the same techniques (Daddy did actually) and he finally got you to sleep after about 3o minutes (1/2 the time of mommy the night before) and you slept through the night again- Daddy went to check on you before we went to sleep and you had kicked your leg out of your PJ's... you are a mess! .  :)
(i'll have to get these pics from K and update!)

You are still wearing many of your 3 months but you are fitting into your 3-6 months (some of them) and some 6 months as well. I'm having fun seeing you in new clothes! The 3 month long sleeve onesies are more like 3/4 length sleeves now ha! You are still in size two diapers.
6 month dress on Cinco (still a bit large but it works and you looked precious!)
Favorite Moments:
Watching you grow and explore! I am sooo thankful that you aren't crawling or "mobile" yet thought because even when you are stationary you are into EVERYthing.  You love sitting and reaching all around you- sometimes so far that you fall over.
Watching you "read" :)
We celebrated your Grandma birthday (via pics and Skype) and Grandpa's bday!
you "reading" in your rocking chair-- This reminds me of when I was teaching- reading to my kids in my rocker! awe!
the sign we made for Gma
Dinner for Gpa's bday

Most Challenging: 
Putting you to sleep and letting you cry... I don't think this will ever be easy for me.  Thank goodness your Daddy is super supportive and helpful here!
Feeding is also a little bit challenging but not in a bad way at all... just messy :)
OMG your head-- I haven't even written about this lately- the front of your head where you wear your headband... we were told that it was "cradle cap" by your dr. and to "SCRUB" it during bath... we had been doing just that when one night it looked sooo bad I told Daddy not to do it -- it looked like it was about to bleed- well, we were browsing the baby isle in Target to try and find some Neosporin or something of that sort and I saw the Avenno Eczema cream and decided we would try that... well, what do you know? Within almost 24 hours your head was 110% better! So much for the scrubbing eh? Just so glad that it is perfect again! FINALLY (this has been going on since about 2 months old!)
you can see your red blotch on your head here :( 

Looking Forward to:
Spending this weekend with you and Daddy and some family! Last weekend Daddy had to work for Cinco :( boo!
patting the hangers... so fun! 
hanging out with your aunties!

Mommy Moments: 
I went to my first "intro" BSF class-- this is a big step for me and I am so thankful for my friend Lori who encouraged me to try it out.  I signed up to start their next class in September.  If you are interested feel free to message me or check out their website to find a location near you-- its an international non-denominational organization. I am super excited about going!
Daddy tried to teach me how to drive his stick shift crazy car again and you slept through it all- that tells me I wasn't that bad of a driver ;)
We had a fun together on Cinco with all the girls (see pic)!
Couponing with my sweet girl is always a blast too! ha
Oh and Daddy let me go to Target one day and I may or may not have bought 2 new tanks with matching nail polish and some new earrings... ha!

Cinco Girls!! :) 
Coupon Queen!! :) (please ignore our mess... we live here! ha!)

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  1. She is so adorable! Looks like a little baby doll. Wow, I didn't realize you moved to Charlotte either. We're actually closer to Mooresville but I work in Huntersville.


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