Friday, May 11, 2012

Wonderful & Funny Mother's Day Surprise!

Wanna hear a funny story? (I would assume you wouldn't be here if you didn't so here goes ha!)

Yesterday K and RG and I were having our pictures taken for her 6 months/ Family photos... (we haven't had any professional photos of our family since she was born).  Me being the totally last minute person I am decided that I would go looking for a few last minute outfits for she and I.  We met up with K for lunch then RG and I headed over to the mall.  As I was shopping, I got a call from K saying that he had to drive to the warehouse to drop off a check and that he would call me on his way home... (which should be within about 30 minutes).  Well, me not paying too much attention continues to shop and then after what feels like forever has gone by I check my phone, but still no call from K but I wasn't worried, just thought he forgot to call. I realize that we are supposed to be meeting our photographer in THIRTY minutes and have a mild freak out, almost running out of the mall.  As I am leaving, I try frantically to call K to let him know that I am on-my-way... all to no avail-- my phone is now saying "no service."  I have been sporting the original iphone since it came out in 2007 and have been teeter-tottering on the idea of getting a new one for some time because it just isn't as reliable as it used to be but I love my phone and don't want to get a new one.  I turn my phone off, then back on and still "No Service."  I do this another 5 or so times and then I start to get worried... "Oh no, what if K has been trying to call me and I haven't been answering... what if he's worrying about me because he KNOWS that I knew what time our pictures where... what if he is out trying to find me!?!"... and the thoughts continue.  I then try to look up directions on my phone of how to get home (yes, I have lived here almost a year, but I never drive, therefore I don't know my way around- combined with my horrible sense of direction- makes me lean on my phone for directions 99% of the time).  Then it hits me... "NO Service! ahh! What am I going to do!? I'm already late and now I have no idea how to get home!"  I decide that the only thing I can do it try.  So to my surprise, I make it home on the first try (go me!) and am happy that I see K's car in the driveway (I know hes not out looking for me now.)  I come inside and yell upstairs to him, "I'm home! I'm so sorry!"  He comes to the top of the stairs and I ask him if he was worried to which he tells me, yea sort-of and I just go off about how sorry I am and how my "stupid phone decided not to work and I had no service on it even after turning it on and off 100 times.... " He looks at Raleigh Grace and starts laughing so I think she has done something funny.... I keep saying how sorry I am and that "I am going to get a new phone!!"  He laughs a little more but I don't notice.  I ask him if he wants to see the outfits that I picked out for RG and he said, "Wait.  Hold out your hand for a second" ... I put my hand out and he reaches in his pocket and drops my BRAND NEW iPHONE 4S in my hand and says, "this is why your phone isn't working... Happy Mother's Day!!!"

(He had already called our photographer telling her that we were gong to be 30 minutes late- he was also already done with work when I saw him at lunch... boy is my man a sneaky one! :) What a great surprise! I am so thankful for him!!)

On a side note... I think I need to get a part time job at Janie & Jack-- I am obsessed with that story and RG got some of the most adorable outfits there!  I also scored an awesome deal on a Vineyard Vines dress (75% off)... you will see it all in our pictures when we get them!

Here is a preview to hold you over ;)


  1. What a thoughtful, sneaky husband you have! Oh the sneak peak at the pictures looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see them all!!

  2. Ha! He got you :) what a great gift! I can't wait to see your photos! Happy mother's day!

  3. I love this! :-) What a sneak. And I cannot wait to see the pictures! We haven't ever had any professional pictures taken...maybe I should schedule some! HA!


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